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Thread: It could be a very long season

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    Well another game over and another very poor display. Broad hurst was only player to show any heart. Feels like the manager is losing the dressing room. The captain is slow and disinterested for long spells. If we are to hold are heads up in this league this was a must win game and the result suggests it could be a long hard season. With Tom going a well as Pykie, Thomo and Penza we surely need more than a squad refresh. I know others will remind us we win together and we lose together but if we are going to lose without a whimper , with no pressing and energy then hard won supporters will stay away and the club will go backwards. Come on you Rouslers you need to show heart and determination and have pride in the shirt that means so much to your loyal supporters.

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    After Rushall I was confident going into yesterdayís game and how wrong I was, really poor performance that genuinely took me back to the Darby era of Bromsgrove football. Broadhurst the best of a bad bunch and it was refreshing to have a proper RB in Tom Rankin who didnít do much wrong.

    Itís been a bad week but even I didnít expect a showing that poor, Westwood and Massey simply arenít good enough and I was surprised people thought the former had a decent game v Rushall - at this level we cannot afford passengers. Iím no manager but as people have indicated why didnít we start Leon in at CM with Quaynor absent and put Lincoln in at CB? This home form is worrying and we need some new players in and fast, at least Taylor looks like a decent acquisition but Iím also disappointed to be losing Pezza who scored a 95th minute equaliser for Alvechurch yesterday. Still itís all part of the journey and after the 3 years weíve had I can take a few bad performances, onwards and upwards.
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    Think Nettie just may well be onto something here. I really cannot complain about results as the reality is that we are reaching our summit in what the current crop of players can do, however, what I can complain about is the seemingly lack of effort and desire we have seen in 2 of the last 3 home games.

    That has never been in our DNA and it is worrying that it has crept in, but even more worrying is the lack of reason for it, players are leaving which is a concern, but although not openly criticising the manager, they leave him out of any praise that they give to the club, board and supporters. Ex Players are leaving brutal feedback on social media of their treatment from the manager, kit man quits suddenly and we are playing like we donít give a toss at times.

    Could be lots of coincidences there but you do worry a little ... oh and having the Ex Stourbridge assistant manager in the crowd yesterday will not help the rumour mill !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakalls Rover View Post
    Itís been a bad week but even I didnít expect a showing that poor, Westwood and Massey simply arenít good enough and I was surprised people thought the former had a decent game v Rushall
    Late to this one but I noticed KW against Rushall more than usual due to watching from the side, quite deep into our own defensive territory for the first half, on his side of the pitch. I don't think he put a foot wrong in the first half, nor for most of the second, but then in the mad final few minutes they had all kinds of opportunities down his side and we were really lucky not to concede a gutting late goal. Can't entirely work out if he is more of a winger or fullback, he was very anonymous against Needham Market further forward, but then most of the team were stinking that day. Tempting to say Jack Wilson should swap positions with him, but a big part of JW's threat going forward is building up a head of steam running from deep.

    Massey I think is acquitting himself well for his age (just turned 19 I heard?), probably hasn't matched his opening-day performance from the first 45 (before he switched to right back) in his starts since then, but he doesn't look out of his depth either. When Hayward is at his best, obviously he's incomparably better but I'm still impressed by Massey's attitude and I hope he keeps on developing his game with us. The sooner we can get Broadhurst, Quaynor and maybe even Spink back in the centre mid pecking order the better but hopefully these couple of games have taught him a bit about this level. Would definitely say he's done okay.

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