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    Just a quick thought having seen John Pykett's Instagram feed where he is receiving his platter for his 100th Game.

    I notice in the bar the pictures are a little old and show the highlights of the last few seasons and the first game back at the VG. Would it be good to have a board showing some of our highlights since forming. FA Vase semi final, list of chairmen, players who have played 100 games, top goal scorers, etc.

    We are all very proud of Jason Cowley's elevation to league football so wondered if his goal record or just this fact should be there for all to see.

    Be great is a player got his reward for 100 games and the name went on a board so in the future he can revisit the ground and it is there as a fact.

    Just a thought.

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    Couldn't agree more. Jase could be the first on a list of graduates to professional football maybe

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    I support this. Bloody good idea. Lords at the VG.
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    Great idea
    Hope to see it done asap
    Unsung, brilliant servants/players like mozza and Jonah deserve their names up in stars after what they helped the club achieve
    Without some of these lads we'd still be getting 300 odd in the midland league

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