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    Hello everyone.

    A chap called Norman Feraday has contacted the club. Norman lives in Barnsley and was at The Victoria Ground for this match. He is trying to get a copy of the famous Rovers Vs Barnsley clash on video/DVD. Was there an official film taken on the day? Is it available. Has anyone got footage of this game that they could copy onto a disc for Norman? Please let me know here if you can supply something for Norman and I'll gladly get it sent off to him.


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    There was a video. I do have a copy. The issue is where? From memory it wasn't best quality, a reflection of the technology at the time - and it was a video, not a dvd (of course). The club sold them off at 10 a hit from memory.

    I will have a hunt and see what I can find.

    M :-)
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    I,ve found mine plus the Northampton game of the same cup-run. I,ll deal with Angus away from forum. was there ever a video from Yeovil between these two games?

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