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Thread: Biggleswade v Bromsgrove (2020.01.04)

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    Default Biggleswade v Bromsgrove (2020.01.04)

    The long journey, a closed M1 and a remodelled A14/A1 junction made for a crap journey but a very happy day out to a very damp and very dark Bedfordshire. This match was talked up by our management team as a very difficult fixture against a very good team. So, 4 - 0 up and cruising. It was an easy game wasn't it?

    Well, no, it wasn't. The scoreline at that point was a testament to Sporting's skill and endeavour rather than Biggleswade's shortcomings. It took us 10 minutes to find our feet on a horrible pitch (no criticism of the Waders' ground staff - it must have been a nightmare getting the ground to a playable level). My view is that Biggleswade were a little more used to the conditions than we were at kick-off and they could easily have taken the lead. We came into the game, our threat level increased and from about 15 minutes in we we went on to dominate the next hour of the game. Taylor's opener was from a physics-defying angle and eased our collective tension (if only I had not been in the loo when it was scored. Ho hum).

    At 4 - 0 to the good you'd think we were home and hosed. Not a bit of it. Biggleswade put two chances away and it just got a little bit uncomfortable. One more goal from them and it would have made for a very uncomfortable last few minutes. However, despite conceding, our defence looked great all through and our game management in the last 10 minutes was pretty impeccable. I would venture to say even if they had scored another I would have fancied our chances of scoring again. I am going to fudge my MotM decision and jointly give it to Tom Taylor and Gift. I thought both were outstanding. In truth we looked good in all departments and the team felt more like they were playing for each other than previously. Not a bad game in the conditions. A good set up at Biggleswade. They will win more than they lose for the remainder of this season and I think we did rather well to come away with three points.

    A good few Rouslers' fans made the journey (as many as 80-100 - happy for someone to correct me). Watching the opposition play in green was a bit confusing at times and the chants of "green army" were largely left for after the final whistle.
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    Many thanks for the report - much appreciated

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    Excellent performance against a big, physical hoof ball type of side
    Biggleswade don't concede many, we could have had eight so that shows you how good we were going forward
    For me Leon was motm, the rest not far behind
    Well done all, would have been easy to slip up after the mayor's show

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