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Thread: More VAR nonsense last night

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    Default More VAR nonsense last night

    Can't blame any individual official that was involved last night but it was another great example of when "the law is an ass" and people have no choice but to follow it.

    If a pass is played backwards - as it was from that short corner - how in the hell could you say the offside player receiving it gained any advantage from standing 1 inch beyond the last defender? Now I know that's probably a long-standing rule, but VAR has brought to light how daft it is.

    The Prem feels like it's at a relatively low ebb just now, partly the knackering Xmas/January schedule and then the weather-afflicted break making for some pretty dire games; but I think they actually do need to be careful now over what they're doing to The Product®. TV money has gone down for the first time since they started all this in 1992 (albeit from an insanely high peak) and the Championship is looking better than ever, plus interest in the European leagues is healthy in this country & growing every time a young English player has the guts to go over to Germany or Italy and make a name for themselves.

    Interesting times for the top tier...I think they desperately need a strong trio of promoted teams with big fanbases to come up or there might be real trouble ahead. Too many non-events in the league at the moment.

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    I follow a fans forum of a Premiership club and VAR is , rightly or wrongly really p***ing off a large number of fans. Some are even saying they will not fork out £xxx on a season ticket next year. I "hope" those statements are only said in the heat of the moment but I would not like to say for sure.
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