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    I have now realised where the recent dip in Sportings form has come from, my pocket!!! Living in west Wales it involves a 500 mile round trip to get the Victoria Ground & work & family commitments mean that this is not very often achieved. The last Sporting game I made it to was the 3-2 home win over Coventry Utd ( Jonah's 200th). While at this game I bought a small Sporting badge which at the time I put in my fleece pocket, where it had stayed until January this year, when the need to wash the fleece meant I emptied the pockets & put this badge in a draw with the intention of puting it back onto the fleece once it was clean. I have, I'm sorry to say, failed to do this, & now realise that this has been why Sporting's recent form has taken a dip!! While the badge was in the fleece pocket Sporting had 2 promotions & rarely lost a home game. While the badge was out of the pocket Sporting have lost 3 out of 4 home games! I have now put the badge back in the fleece pocket so normal service should now be restored & Sporting's fortunes should continue to rise!!!!!

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    If it works , I reckon the gaffer will refund you the coast of the washing powder !! Also ,could this thread re-titled "Dip in Foam" ??
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